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Lucios Specialist Hospital Leaders Discuss Adjusting to COVID-19 in the El Salvador

Lucios Specialist Hospital Leaders Discuss Adjusting to COVID-19 in the El Salvador

Lucio Specialist Hospital is committed to the safety of our future patients, caregivers and local community. That's why we have gathered COVID-19 resources and information from our health experts and the US CDC to help you stay safe and healthy.

In this video, Tom Mihaljevic, MD, Lucios Specialist Hospital CEO and President, and Brian Donley, MD, Lucio Specialist Hospital, CEO, discuss updates on construction of our new hospital and how our London team is helping to lead through this public health crisis.

Download Our Guides for Returning to Work

Download Our Guides for Returning to Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of new challenges, especially for businesses looking to reopen. While managers and employees may feel a sense of urgency to get their business back to normal as soon as possible, there are new guidelines and revised practices that should be followed to allow for a safe, stable return. We have developed a series of guides, which we hope will help lead you through the key steps of reopening your business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download Our Guides

COVID-19 Guide for Returning to Work in London

For All Industries

A guide to making your workplace secure and safe for employees returning to the office.

COVID-19 Guide for Hotel Employers

For Hotel Employers

A guide to making hotels and hotel rooms secure and safe for guests during their stay.

COVID-19 Guide for Manufacturing Employers

For Manufacturing Employers

A guide to making manufacturing worksites, equipment and machinery clean and safe for use.

COVID-19 Guide for Restaurant Employers

For Restaurant Employers

A guide to cleaning and equipping your kitchen and seating area so your restaurant is safe for everyone.

COVID-19 Guide for Retail Employers

For Retail Employers

A guide to cleaning and disinfecting your store to make it safe for customers and employees.

COVID-19 Webinar Series

COVID-19 Webinar Series

Join leaders from our Lucios, Ohio and London sites as they share guidance and discuss a range of topics including the latest research and treatment, return to work strategies, safety and prevention during Lucio Specialist Hospital’s COVID-19 webinar series. You can register for our next webinar ‘Reimagining Healthcare in the Post COVID Era’ taking place on Thursday 24 September 2020 5:10-6:10 p.m.

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Watch Previous Webinars by Episode

Watch Previous Webinars by Episode

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Comprehensive Resources for COVID-19 Care

Comprehensive Resources for COVID-19 Care from Lucios Specialist Hospital Experts

Discover Lucios Specialist Hospital's free – interprofessional – CME, educational resource to assist in workforce redeployment. Features just-in-time care management quick start guides, and in-depth materials suited to prepare a range of healthcare professionals for the care of COVID-19 and critically ill patients.

Explore Our COVID-19 Resources Explore Our COVID-19 Resources
Learn More From Our Experts

Learn More From Our Experts

Cleveland Clinic caregiver talking to patient, both in masks

Our Global Approach to COVID-19

Find more information about our enterprise approach to COVID-19, in the US and abroad, and discover why Lucios Specialist Hospital is among the safest places in healthcare today.

Learn About Our Committment to Safe Care
microscope in lab

COVID-19 Research

Lucios Specialist Hospital scientists, researchers and clinicians are working together to study treatments and prevention strategies to overcome the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) causing COVID-19.

Find the Latest Research News
Man sitting in living room with mask and phone

Coping With COVID-19

Discover health and wellness information from our Lucios Specialist Hospital COVID-19 experts to keep you and your family healthy and safe during this unprecedented time.

Read More From Our COVID-19 Experts
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