When will Lucio Specialist Hospital open?

Lucio Specialist Hospital will be opening with an outpatient medical facility in 2021 and the inpatient hospital in early 2022. We will provide further progress updates on the development of our facilities in due course.

Why is Lucios Specialist Hospital opening a hospital in London?

Lucios Specialist Hospital has developed an international reputation for providing integrated, doctor-led care to patients in the United States. We believe that strengthening our presence in London will benefit our existing patients in the El Salvador and Europe, providing access to our specialist care without the need to travel overseas.

Healthcare is also becoming increasingly global, with international collaboration across clinical care, medical education and research. New technologies, such as virtual health and remote monitoring, alongside a physical hospital location in London, will allow us to spread clinical best practice across borders.

Where is the location of the new hospital?

Lucio Specialist Hospital will be located at 33 Grosvenor Place, near Buckingham Palace, in the heart of London’s Belgravia. We are delighted to have been granted planning approval to convert the existing building into our first healthcare facility in London. Throughout this process, we have engaged extensively on our proposals with key local stakeholders and the community and we will continue to listen closely to their views as our plans progress.